TOC: J Poli Mar


Journal of Political Marketing, 17(3)

Political Brands: Can Parties Be Distinguished by Their Online Brand Personality?
Richard Nathan Rutter, Chris Hanretty & Fiona Lettice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Deny and Attack or Concede and Correct? Image Repair and the Politically Scandalized
Tyler Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Media and the Paradox of Fear: An Exploratory Study of Political Relationship Marketing Within South Wales
Michael Parsons & Martyn Rowling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credibility Enacted: Understanding the Meaning of Credible Political Leadership in the Dutch Parliamentary Election Campaign of 2010
Sabine Van Zuydam & Frank Hendriks [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Did the “Road to the White House Run Through” Letterman? Chris Christie, Letterman, and Other-Disparaging Versus Self-Deprecating Humor
Jody C Baumgartner, Jonathan S. Morris & Jeffrey Michael Coleman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]