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Journal of Marketing, 82(3)

When Does Market Share Matter? New Empirical Generalizations from a Meta-Analysis of the Market Share–Performance Relationship
Alexander Edeling and Alexander Himme

The Role of the Partner Brand’s Social Media Power in Brand Alliances
Ann-Kristin Kupfer, Nora Pähler vor der Holte, Raoul V. Kübler, and Thorsten Hennig-Thurau

Unpacking the Relationship Between Sales Control and Salesperson Performance: A Regulatory Fit Perspective
Constantine S. Katsikeas, Seigyoung Auh, Stavroula Spyropoulou, and Bulent Menguc

When Celebrities Count: Power Distance Beliefs and Celebrity Endorsements
Karen Page Winterich, Manish Gangwar, and Rajdeep Grewal

Political Management, Research and Development, and Advertising Capital in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Good Prognosis?
Kelly D. Martin, Brett W. Josephson, Gautham G. Vadakkepatt, and Jean L. Johnson

(When) Does Third-Party Recognition for Design Excellence Affect Financial Performance in Business-to-Business Markets?
D. Eric Boyd and P.K. Kannan

A Study of Bidding Behavior in Voluntary-Pay Philanthropic Auctions
Ernan Haruvy and Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc

An Empirical Analysis of the Joint Effects of Shoppers’ Goals and Attribute Display on Shoppers’ Evaluations
Abhijit Guha, Abhijit Biswas, Dhruv Grewal, Sandeep Bhowmick, and Jens Nordfält