TOC: J Bus Ind


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 33(3)

Scale development for the inter-firm market orientation concept
Anthony Francescucci, Stephan C. Henneberg, and Peter Naudé

Reconciling contracts and relational governance through strategic contracting
Bent Petersen and Kim Østergaard

The role of salesperson brand selling confidence in enhancing important sales management outcomes: a social identity approach
Bashar S. Gammoh, Michael L. Mallin, Ellen Bolman Pullins, and Catherine M. Johnson

The service recovery paradox in B2B relationships
Denis Hübner, Stephan M. Wagner, and Stefan Kurpjuweit

How brand-oriented strategy affects the financial performance of B2B SMEs
Muhammad Anees-ur-Rehman, Ho Yin Wong, Parves Sultan, and Bill Merrilees

How resource alignment moderates the relationship between environmental innovation strategy and green innovation performance
Jing-Wen Huang and Yong-Hui Li

The impact of buyer-supplier relationships’ social capital on bi-directional information sharing in the supply chain
Chang-Hun Lee and Byoung-Chun Ha

Do different marketing practices pre-suppose different frames of reference? An exploratory study
Allam Abu Farha and Said Elbanna

Emotion regulation – natural reward strategy linkage and its impact on sales performance: the mediating impact of salesmanship skills
Ramendra Singh, Rakesh Kumar Singh, and Diptiman Banerji

Lessons learned from a successful industrial product service system business model: emphasis on financial aspects
Maicon Gouvêa de Oliveira, Glauco Henrique de Sousa Mendes, Andrei Aparecido de Albuquerque, and Henrique Rozenfeld

The asymmetric effects of local and global network ties on firms’ innovation performance
Lei Wang, Jun Li, and Shaoqing Huang

Cost-based price and value-based price: are they conflicting approaches?
Reinaldo Guerreiro and Juliana Ventura Amaral