JA Best Article 2017


Vargas, Duff, and Faber have won the award for their article on experimental advertising research

The Journal of Advertising Best Article Award was instituted in 1988 to honor the best article published each year. We are happy to announce the following winners for 2017.

2017 Journal of Advertising Best Article Award:

– Vargas, Patrick T., Brittany R. L. Duff, and Ronald J. Faber (2017), “A Practical Guide to Experimental Advertising Research,” 46(1), 101–114.


– Kim, Eunjin (Anna), S. Ratneshwar, and Esther Thorson (2017), “Why Narrative Ads Work: An Integrated Process Explanation,” 46(2), 283–296.

– Rossiter, John R., and Larry Percy (2017), “Methodological Guidelines for Advertising Research,” 46(1), 71–82.

– Segijn, Claire M., Hilde A. M. Voorveld, and Edith G. Smit (2017), “How Related Multiscreening Could Positively Affect Advertising Outcomes,” 46(4), 455–472.

The Journal also recognizes outstanding reviewers each year. The following scholars are the recipients of Best Reviewer Awards for 2017:

– Hye Jin Yoon, Southern Methodist University (Editorial Review Board)
– Clinton S. Weeks, Queensland University of Technology (Ad-hoc)

Shintaro Okazaki
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advertising
King’s Business School
King’s College London