TOC: J Con Behaviour


Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 17(2)

Effects of belief in luck on the attractiveness of loyalty programmes
Wagner Junior Ladeira, Fernando De Oliveira Santini, Claudio Hoffmann Sampaio and Juan Pablo Boeira [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How salient pictures in magazine advertisements bias consumers’ preference construction: A comparison with product pages in e-stores applying dual system model
Chingching Chang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Price fairness, satisfaction, and trust as antecedents of purchase intentions towards organic food
Faruk Anil Konuk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How consumers “see” a visually warm store: Differences between affective and cognitive processors
Eunsoo Baek, Ho Jung Choo, Hyunjoo Oh and So-Yeon Yoon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Paradoxical effects of famous music in retail venues
Luca Petruzzellis, Jean-Charles Chebat and Ada Palumbo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Affective and cognitive religiosity: Influences on consumer reactance and self-control
Elizabeth A. Minton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Triplex modeling of the political messages consumer behavior in social networks
Yaser Sobhanifard and Seyedjavad Sadatfarizani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The mediating role of advertising literacy and the moderating influence of parental mediation on how children of different ages react to brand placements
Liselot Hudders and Veroline Cauberghe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of relational benefits in loyalty programmes: Evidence from Chinese milk formula customer clubs
Song Yang, Siu Lung (Kevin) Yu and Johan Bruwer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Between enthusiasm and refusal: A cluster analysis on consumer types and attitudes towards peer-to-peer sharing
Frieder Neunhoeffer and Timm Teubner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]