Revisit: Consumer Vulnerability


Advancing a Multidisciplinary Perspective, Special issue of Social Business; Deadline now 4 Apr 2018

Social Business (ABDC B rank)

Guest Editors: Jessica Wyllie, Jamie Carlson, Ranjit Voola & Tania Sourdin

Deadline Extended: 4th April, 2018

Call for papers for Special Issue on Consumer Vulnerability: Advancing a Multidisciplinary Perspective of vulnerability

This special issue aims to extend the conceptual, methodological and practical understanding of consumer vulnerability and to identify opportunities to facilitate consumers in overcoming vulnerability. The guest editors are interested in papers that focus on temporary, transient (e.g. homelessness, low literacy, obesity) as well as state-and-class based perspectives of consumer vulnerability in an effort to uncover proactive strategies for organisations and policy makers that work towards safeguarding and empowering vulnerable consumers.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Role of individual characteristics (e.g. biological and/or psychosocial) and individual states (e.g. grief) on vulnerability framing, experience and behaviour amongst consumers;
  • Impact of the external conditions (e.g. distribution of resources, physical & logistical elements, contractual components) to the imbalances of power in exchange relationships;
  • Marketing and/or policy responses that influence the experience of consumer vulnerability;
  • Complaints handling and dispute resolution processes and their capacity to support vulnerable consumers