TOC: J Service Man


Journal of Service Management, 29(2)

Service robots: value co-creation and co-destruction in elderly care networks
Martina Caic, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, and Dominik Mahr

Consumer-led experience customization: a socio-spatial approach
Edwin N. Torres, Peter Lugosi, Marissa Orlowski, and Giulio Ronzoni

Brand advocacy in the frontline: how does it affect customer satisfaction?
Jeroen Schepers and Edwin J. Nijssen

Service failures after online flash sales: role of deal proneness, attribution, and emotion
Khadija Ali Vakeel, K. Sivakumar, K.R. Jayasimha, and Shubhamoy Dey

Forecasting sales in industrial services
Kati Stormi, Teemu Laine, Petri Suomala, and Tapio Elomaa

The environment-strategy-structure fit and performance of industrial servitized SMEs
Laure Ambroise, Isabelle Prim-Allaz, Christine Teyssier, and Sophie Peillon