TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(3)

Resource scarcity, effort, and performance in physically demanding jobs: An evolutionary explanation.
Pitesa, Marko; Thau, Stefan

Minimizing cross-cultural maladaptation: How minority status facilitates change in international acculturation.
Volpone, Sabrina D.; Marquardt, Dennis J.; Casper, Wendy J.; Avery, Derek R.

Motivated reasoning during recruitment.
Kappes, Heather Barry; Balcetis, Emily; De Cremer, David

The dimensions and mechanisms of mindfulness in regulating aggressive behaviors.
Liang, Lindie H.; Brown, Douglas J.; Ferris, D. Lance; Hanig, Samuel; Lian, Huiwen; Keeping, Lisa M.

When daily planning improves employee performance: The importance of planning type, engagement, and interruptions.
Parke, Michael R.; Weinhardt, Justin M.; Brodsky, Andrew; Tangirala, Subrahmaniam; DeVoe, Sanford E.

Leader humility and team creativity: The role of team information sharing, psychological safety, and power distance.
Hu, Jia; Erdogan, Berrin; Jiang, Kaifeng; Bauer, Talya N.; Liu, Songbo

Linking job-relevant personality traits, transformational leadership, and job performance via perceived meaningfulness at work: A moderated mediation model.
Frieder, Rachel E.; Wang, Gang; Oh, In-Sue

Supervisor-employee power distance incompatibility, gender similarity, and relationship conflict: A test of interpersonal interaction theory.
Graham, Katrina A.; Dust, Scott B.; Ziegert, Jonathan C.

What goes up must . . . Keep going up? Cultural differences in cognitive styles influence evaluations of dynamic performance.
Ferris, D. Lance; Reb, Jochen; Lian, Huiwen; Sim, Samantha; Ang, Dionysius