TOC: Mar Letters


Marketing Letters, 29(1)

Should “big food” companies introduce healthier options? The effect of new product announcements on shareholder value
Nicole Hanson & Wonjoo Yun

PLease do not answer if you are reading this: respondent attention in online panels
Leonard J. Paas & Meike Morren

Visual attention, buying impulsiveness, and consumer behavior
Hayk Khachatryan, Alicia Rihn, Bridget Behe, Charles Hall, Ben Campbell, Jennifer Dennis & Chengyan Yue

Are two brands better than one? Investigating the effects of co-branding in advertising on audience memory
Cathy Nguyen, Jenni Romaniuk, Margaret Faulkner & Justin Cohen

Place the good after the bad: effects of emotional shifts on consumer memory
Gianluigi Guido, Marco Pichierri & Giovanni Pino

What else can your payment card do? Multifunctionality of payment modes can reduce payment transparency
Rufina Gafeeva, Erik Hoelzl & Holger Roschk

When the purpose lies within: Maximizers and satisfaction with autotelic choices
Michail D. Kokkoris

Reciprocal value sharing in manufacturer-retailer relationships: the case of new product introductions
Tereza Dean, David A. Griffith & Roger J. Calantone

Risking the self: the impact of self-esteem on negative word-of-mouth behavior
Matthew Philp, Martin A. Pyle & Laurence Ashworth

Are rival team fans a curse for home team sponsors? The moderating effects of fit, oppositional loyalty, and league sponsoring
Erik L. Olson