TOC: J Service Theory Prac


Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 28(2)

The impact of other customer perception on consumer-brand relationships
Sreejesh S., Juhi Gahlot Sarkar, Abhigyan Sarkar, Abdolreza Eshghi, and Anusree M.R.

Positive and negative valence influencing consumer engagement
Kristina Heinonen

Exploring the determinants and consequences of salesperson market orientation behavior
Yen-Chun Chen, Adriana Amaya Rivas, and Wann-Yih Wu

Customer journeys: a systematic literature review
Asbjørn Følstad and Knut Kvale

Motivating service employee creativity: regulatory focus and emotional labour
Zizhen Geng, Caifeng Li, Kejia Bi, Haiping Zheng, and Xia Yang

Activating multiple roles of customer-firm relationships in service failures
Laszlo Sajtos and Yit Sean Chong