TOC: Service Ind J


Service Industries Journal, 38(5/6)

Charitable motivations: the role of prestige and identification
Michael C. Peasley, Joshua T. Coleman & Marla B. Royne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Co-creating sociality: organizational identity and marketing in voluntary organizations
Per Echeverri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The meaning and relevance of internal market orientation in nonprofit organisations
Pratik Modi & Gurjeet Kaur Sahi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enabling factors for developing a social services network
Teresa Proença, João F. Proença & Carla Costa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived fear, empathy and financial donations to charitable services
Jennifer O’Loughlin Banks & Maria M. Raciti [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust and commitment in the formation of donor loyalty
Cristobal Barra, Geah Pressgrove & Eduardo Torres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]