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Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 33(1)

Exploitation of mortality salience in communication on climate change
Hussein Akil, Philippe Robert-Demontrond, and Julien Bouillé [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating the presence of marketing capabilities: A multidimensional, hierarchical index
Philippe Massiera, Laura Trinchera, and Giorgio Russolillo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Legitimacy of consumer associations and perceived vulnerability of their users: Effects on intentions to trust consumerist associations
Marie-Christine Lichtlé, Lydiane Nabec, Dominique Roux, and Corinne Chevalier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stimulating consumers’ creativity through analogical thinking: How can transfer distance and transfer content be matched?
David Gotteland, Aurélie Merle, and Olivier Trendel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shock charity campaigns: Building our understanding on their effectiveness: Comments on “Emotions and Prosocial Behaviors: A Study of the Effectiveness of Shocking Charity Campaigns” by Jeanne Albouy
Darren W. Dahl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]