TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 114(3)

Neural activity in the reward-related brain regions predicts implicit self-esteem: A novel validity test of psychological measures using neuroimaging.
Izuma, Keise; Kennedy, Kate; Fitzjohn, Alexander; Sedikides, Constantine; Shibata, Kazuhisa

Appraisal-driven facial actions as building blocks for emotion inference.
Scherer, Klaus R.; Mortillaro, Marcello; Rotondi, Irene; Sergi, Ilaria; Trznadel, Stéphanie

Facial expression predictions as drivers of social perception.
Chanes, Lorena; Wormwood, Jolie Baumann; Betz, Nicole; Barrett, Lisa Feldman

The ebbs and flows of attachment: Within-person variation in attachment undermine secure individuals’ relationship wellbeing across time.
Girme, Yuthika U.; Agnew, Christopher R.; VanderDrift, Laura E.; Harvey, S. Marie; Rholes, W. Steven; Simpson, Jeffry A.

Perceived entitlement causes discrimination against attractive job candidates in the domain of relatively less desirable jobs.
Lee, Margaret; Pitesa, Marko; Pillutla, Madan M.; Thau, Stefan

Middle ground approach to paradox: Within- and between-culture examination of the creative benefits of paradoxical frames.
Leung, Angela K.-y.; Liou, Shyhnan; Miron-Spektor, Ella; Koh, Brandon; Chan, David; Eisenberg, Roni; Schneider, Iris

Personality and behavior prediction and consistency across cultures: A multimethod study of Blacks and Whites in South Africa.
Fetvadjiev, Velichko H.; Meiring, Deon; van de Vijver, Fons J. R.; Nel, J. Alewyn; Sekaja, Lusanda; Laher, Sumaya

The description of situations: Towards replicable domains of psychological situation characteristics.
Rauthmann, John F.; Sherman, Ryne A.

Why bottom-up taxonomies are unlikely to satisfy the quest for a definitive taxonomy of situations.
Reis, Harry T.

Towards a comprehensive science of situations: On the importance of typicality and the lexical approach.
Parrigon, Scott; Woo, Sang Eun; Tay, Louis