TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 49(2)

A general theory of springboard MNEs
Yadong Luo & Rosalie L Tung

Risk propensity in the foreign direct investment location decision of emerging multinationals
Peter J Buckley, Liang Chen, L Jeremy Clegg & Hinrich Voss

State ownership and transparency in foreign direct investment
Anthony P Cannizzaro & Robert J Weiner

Does hometown advantage matter? The case of institutional blockholder monitoring on earnings management in Korea
Chang Liu, Chune Young Chung, Hong Kee Sul & Kainan Wang

Exporting and innovating among emerging market firms: The moderating role of institutional development
Zhenzhen Xie & Jiatao Li

Correction to: Anonymous shell companies: A global audit study and field experiment in 176 countries
Brent B Allred, Michael G Findley, Daniel Nielson & J C Sharman

Correction to: Policy uncertainty, derivatives use, and firm-level FDI
Quang Nguyen, Trang Kim & Marina Papanastassiou