TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 103(2)

More is less: Learning but not relaxing buffers deviance under job stressors.
Zhang, Chen; Mayer, David M.; Hwang, Eunbit

A meta-analysis of sex and race differences in perceived workplace mistreatment.
McCord, Mallory A.; Joseph, Dana L.; Dhanani, Lindsay Y.; Beus, Jeremy M.

Ranking low, feeling high: How hierarchical position and experienced power promote prosocial behavior in response to procedural justice.
van Dijke, Marius; De Cremer, David; Langendijk, Gerben; Anderson, Cameron

The jingle-jangle of work–nonwork balance: A comprehensive and meta-analytic review of its meaning and measurement.
Casper, Wendy J.; Vaziri, Hoda; Wayne, Julie Holliday; DeHauw, Sara; Greenhaus, Jeffrey

Differential support for female supervisors among men and women.
Vial, Andrea C.; Brescoll, Victoria L.; Napier, Jaime L.; Dovidio, John F.; Tyler, Tom R.

Do women CEOs face greater threat of shareholder activism compared to male CEOs? A role congruity perspective.
Gupta, Vishal K.; Han, Seonghee; Mortal, Sandra C.; Silveri, Sabatino (Dino); Turban, Daniel B.