TOC: Intl J Adv


International Journal of Advertising, 37(2)

Generational Research and Advertising to Millennials
Charles R. Taylor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effect of exposure to sexual appeals in advertisements on memory, attitude, and purchase intention: a meta-analytic review
John G. Wirtz, Johnny V. Sparks & Thais M. Zimbres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust in online recommendations: an evolutionary psychology perspective
Gerard Prendergast, Aishwarya Paliwal & Kelvyn Ka Fuk Chan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Temporal duration and attribution process of cause-related marketing: moderating roles of self-construal and product involvement
Seounmi Youn & Hyuksoo Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Children’s attitudinal and behavioral reactions to product placements: investigating the role of placement frequency, placement integration, and parental mediation
Brigitte Naderer, Jörg Matthes, Franziska Marquart & Mira Mayrhofer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Positive uncertainty: the benefit of the doubt in advertising | Open Access
Paul Edwin Ketelaar, Jonathan van’t Riet, Helge Thorbjornsen & Moniek Buijzen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

‘Where I come from’ determines, ‘how I construe my future’: the fit effect of culture, temporal distance, and construal level
Dong Hoo Kim, Yongjun Sung & Minette Drumwright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Media generations and their advertising attitudes and avoidance: a six-country comparison | Open Access
Margot J. van der Goot, Esther Rozendaal, Suzanna J. Opree, Paul E. Ketelaar & Edith G. Smit [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Right metaphor, right place: choosing a visual metaphor based on product type and consumer differences
Chun-Tuan Chang, Yuan-Ciao Wu, Yu-Kang Lee & Xing-Yu Chu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]