TOC: Flip Mar Class


Flip Your Marketing Class, A free book by Joe Cannon

Joe Cannon, Professor of Marketing at Colorado State has flipped his marketing class over the last few years. He has decided to share his experiences and what he is learning in the process. If you are interested in flipping your class—or perhaps just adding more active learning, this book might be helpful.

  • Chapter 1: What is this book about? This chapter sets the stage, so an interested reader can determine what value the book might offer them, and how it is organized in case they want to focus on select topics.
  • Chapter 2: What is active learning? This chapter provides definitions and explanations of learning, active learning, and passive learning.
  • Chapter 3: What is a flipped classroom? This chapter introduces the flipped classroom. It discusses the costs and benefits of flipping your classroom.
  • Chapter 4: What educational theories and concepts inform the design of a flipped classroom? This chapter provides a selective review of the academic literature on teaching, learning, active learning, and the flipped classroom. It specifically looks at a few relevant theories including Bloom’s Taxonomy, constructivism, and scaffolding. It also looks at the empirical evidence supporting active learning more generally and the flipped classroom model.
  • Chapter 5: How did you flip your classroom? In this chapter, I share my experiences flipping the classroom. I discuss planning for the class and how I implemented the model. I include a variety of tips and tricks that I found helpful. I also offer other options that I considered but did not end up using.
  • Appendices: Here, I provide sample syllabi, in-class activities, teaching notes, and sample PowerPoint slides, and more.

To get your free PDF copy of the book, email Joe at – please put “Flip Your Marketing Class” in the subject line.