TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 61(2)


News worth celebrating…and how we achieved it
Dan Li


Guilty by association: The risk of crisis contagion
Daniel Laufer, Yijing Wang


The role of a municipality’s financial health in a firm’s siting decision
Emanuele Padovani, David W. Young, Eric Scorsone


Reading the room: Leveraging popular business books to enhance organizational performance
Shane W. Reid, Jeremy C. Short, David J. Ketchen


Social media analytics for enterprises: Typology, methods, and processes
In Lee

Correcting analytics maturity myopia
Abdul Ali, Ruben Mancha, Dessislava Pachamanova

Triadic relationships in healthcare
E. Asuman Atilla, Michelle Steward, Zhaohui Wu, Janet L. Hartley

Integrating consumers’ motives with suppliers’ solutions to combat Shanzhai: A phenomenon beyond counterfeit
Yao Qin, Linda Hui Shi, Lei Song, Barbara Stöttinger, Kang (Frank) Tan

Transformational change and leader character
Gerard H. Seijts, Jeffrey Gandz

Evidence-based recommendations for employee performance monitoring
David L. Tomczak, Lauren A. Lanzo, Herman Aguinis

Managing millennials’ personal use of technology at work
Sungdoo Kim

Assessing the maturity of crowdventuring for corporate entrepreneurship
Gianluca Elia, Alessandro Margherita

Circle mapping your firm’s growth strategy
Vincent Bruni-Bossio, Norman T. Sheehan, Chelsea R. Willness

Frustration-driven process improvement
Richard J. Schonberger

Managing innovation dilemmas: The cube solution
Christiane Prange, Bodo B. Schlegelmilch

The mobile shopping revolution: Redefining the consumer decision process
David J. Faulds, W. Glynn Mangold, P.S. Raju, Sarath Valsalan

Managing future uncertainty: Reevaluating the role of scenario planning
John J. Oliver, Emma Parrett