TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 114(2)-

Unethical and inept? The influence of moral information on perceptions of competence.
Stellar, Jennifer E.; Willer, Robb

Goal versus trait explanations: Causal attributions beyond the trait-situation dichotomy.
Olcaysoy Okten, Irmak; Moskowitz, Gordon B.

Closing your eyes to follow your heart: Avoiding information to protect a strong intuitive preference.
Woolley, Kaitlin; Risen, Jane L.

Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images.
Wang, Yilun; Kosinski, Michal

Awe and humility.
Stellar, Jennifer E.; Gordon, Amie; Anderson, Craig L.; Piff, Paul K.; McNeil, Galen D.; Keltner, Dacher

The road to extremism: Field and experimental evidence that significance loss-induced need for closure fosters radicalization.
Webber, David; Babush, Maxim; Schori-Eyal, Noa; Vazeou-Nieuwenhuis, Anna; Hettiarachchi, Malkanthi; Bélanger, Jocelyn J.; Moyano, Manuel; Trujillo, Humberto M.; Gunaratna, Rohan; Kruglanski, Arie W.; Gelfand, Michele J.

The effects of paternal disengagement on women’s perceptions of male mating intent.
DelPriore, Danielle J.; Proffitt Leyva, Randi; Ellis, Bruce J.; Hill, Sarah E.

Enhanced versus simply positive: A new condition-based regression analysis to disentangle effects of self-enhancement from effects of positivity of self-view.
Humberg, Sarah; Dufner, Michael; Schönbrodt, Felix D.; Geukes, Katharina; Hutteman, Roos; van Zalk, Maarten H. W.; Denissen, Jaap J. A.; Nestler, Steffen; Back, Mitja D.

The bipolarity of affect and depressive symptoms.
Dejonckheere, Egon; Mestdagh, Merijn; Houben, Marlies; Erbas, Yasemin; Pe, Madeline; Koval, Peter; Brose, Annette; Bastian, Brock; Kuppens, Peter

Reconceptualizing Anxiety as a Continuum That Ranges From High Calmness to High Anxiety: The Joint Importance of Reducing Distress and Increasing Well-Being.
Siddaway, Andy P.; Taylor, Peter J.; Wood, Alex M.