TOC: J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 35(1)

Flexible flexibility! Food categorization flexibility and utilitarian preference
Tilottama Ghosh Chowdhury, Feisal Murshed, and Adwait Khare

Selfie-marketing: exploring narcissism and self-concept in visual user-generated content on social media
Alexa K. Fox, Todd J. Bacile, Chinintorn Nakhata, and Aleshia Weible

Consumer evaluations of bonus packs offered with price discounts
Jay P. Carlson

Nocebo effects from negative product information: when information hurts, paying money could heal
Sumitava Mukherjee and Arvind Sahay

Mirror, mirror: national identity and the pursuit of beauty
Hounaida El Jurdi and Sandra Smith

Spirituality, consumer ethics, and sustainability: the mediating role of moral identity
Carlos J. Rodriguez-Rad and Encarnacion Ramos-Hidalgo

Department vs discount retail store patronage: effects of self-image congruence
Eunyoung (Christine) Sung and Patricia Huddleston

How do form and functional newness affect adoption preference? The moderating role of consumer need for uniqueness
Yikuan Lee, Foo Nin Ho, and Ming-Chuan Wu

A cross-national study of intergenerational influence: US and PRC
Carter Mandrik, Yeqing Bao, and Sijun Wang

The impact of disgust on consumers’ purchase intentions: an empirical assessment
Gianluigi Guido, Giovanni Pino, and Alessandro M. Peluso