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Cases in Financial Services Marketing, A book by Hooman Estelami

The objective of this case book is to provide practitioners and educators in the field of financial services marketing with a resource to empower learning through the application of management concepts. The cases included in this book demonstrate a range of marketing challenges faced by managers in various financial institutions. They provide readers with the information necessary to formulate managerial solutions to improve company performance. The cases can be used as basis for discussion in formal classes, specialized workshops, as well as executive training modules. The cases included in this book are: Sacramento Financial Group, KR-20, Farmers Bank of Virginia, AssetsGuard, Liberty Asset Financing, Lexzmmar Investments, Tire Insurance Program, Georgia Supplemental, Phoenix Cards Inc., Home Endorsers Inc. and Pioneer Accelerated Mortgage.

ISBN-13: 978-1939099709

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Sacramento Financial Group
  • KR-20
  • Farmers Bank of Virginia
  • AssetsGuard
  • Liberty Asset Financing
  • Lexzmmar Investments
  • Tire Insurance Program
  • Georgia Supplemental
  • Phoenix Cards Inc.
  • Home Endorsers Inc.
  • Pioneer Accelerated Mortgage