TOC: Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 39(2)

Nested identities as cognitive drivers of strategy
Jennifer Irwin, Brooke Lahneman and Anne Parmigiani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Growing with the market: How changing conditions during market growth affect formation and evolution of interfirm ties
Pinar Ozcan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Geographic overlap and acquisition pairing
Zhuo Chen, Prashant Kale and Robert E. Hoskisson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Repeating a familiar pattern in a new way: The effect of exploitation and exploration on knowledge leverage behaviors in technology acquisitions
Seungho Choi and Gerry McNamara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of strategic dissent on organizational outcomes: A meta-analytic integration
Codou Samba, Daan Van Knippenberg and C. Chet Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Government’s green grip: Multifaceted state influence on corporate environmental actions in China
Ruxi Wang, Frank Wijen and Pursey P.M.A.R. Heugens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Undervaluation of directors in the board hierarchy: Impact on turnover of directors (and CEOs) in newly public firms
Sam Garg, Qiang (John) Li and Jason D. Shaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

I can do that alone…or not? How idea generators juggle between the pros and cons of teamwork
Dirk Deichmann and Michael Jensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Organization–stakeholder fit: A dynamic theory of cooperation, compromise, and conflict between an organization and its stakeholders
Jonathan Bundy, Ryan M. Vogel and Miles A. Zachary [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

MNC foreign investment and industrial disasters: The moderating role of technological, safety management, and philanthropic capabilities
Simon Pek, Chang Hoon Oh and Jorge Rivera [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Strategic intelligence: The cognitive capability to anticipate competitor behaviour (page 527)
Sheen S. Levine, Mark Bernard and Rosemarie Nagel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]