TOC: Intl J Adv


International Journal of Advertising, 37(1)

The current state of knowledge on electronic word-of-mouth in advertising research
Shu-Chuan Chu & Juran Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

#Me and brands: understanding brand-selfie posters on social media
Yongjun Sung, Eunice Kim & Sejung Marina Choi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the effects of different review features on purchase probability
Su Jung Kim, Ewa Maslowska & Edward C. Malthouse [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Preannouncement messages: impetus for electronic word-of-mouth
Hao Zhang & Yung Kyun Choi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The power of e-WOM using the hashtag: focusing on SNS advertising of SPA brands
Jiye Shin, Heeju Chae & Eunju Ko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do we always adopt Facebook friends’ eWOM postings? The role of social identity and threat
Yaeri Kim, Yookyung Park, Youseok Lee & Kiwan Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When brand-related UGC induces effectiveness on social media: the role of content sponsorship and content type
Mikyoung Kim & Doori Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What does the brand say? Effects of brand feedback to negative eWOM on brand trust and purchase intentions
Manu Bhandari & Shelly Rodgers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The interconnected role of strength of brand and interpersonal relationships and user comment valence on brand video sharing behaviour
Jameson L. Hayes, Yan Shan & Karen Whitehill King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]