TOC: J Service Theory Prac


Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 28(1)

Benchmarking hotel service quality using two-dimensional importance-performance benchmark vectors (IPBV)
Nigel Hemmington, Peter Kim, and Cindie Wang

Designing gamified transformative and social marketing services
Rory Francis Mulcahy, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Nadia Zainuddin, and Kerri-Ann Kuhn

Business customers’ readiness to adopt manufacturer’s new services
Eija Vaittinen, Miia Martinsuo, and Roland Ortt

An exploratory study of online review management in hospitality services
Run Hong Niu and Ying Fan

Using data to advance service: managerial issues and theoretical implications from action research
Chiehyeon Lim, Min-Jun Kim, Ki-Hun Kim, Kwang-Jae Kim, and Paul P. Maglio