TOC: J Brand Man


Journal of Brand Management, 25(1)

‘Brands that do Good’ (11th global brand conference), University of Bradford School of Management
Stuart Roper, Ming Lim & Oriol Iglesias

Brands that do good: insight into social brand equity
Claire Naidoo & Russell Abratt

Asian city brand meaning: a Hong Kong perspective
Bill Merrilees, Dale Miller, Gloria L. Ge & Charles Chin Chiu Tam

Brand associations: the value of ability versus social responsibility depends on consumer goals
Zachary S. Johnson, Yun Jung Lee & Minoo Talebi Ashoori

Building corporate reputation through consumer responses to green new products
Mark Pritchard & Theresa Wilson

Unpacking the authenticity gap in corporate social responsibility: lessons learned from Levi’s ‘Go Forth Braddock’ campaign
Anthony Samuel, Dan Taylor, Gareth R. T. White & Matthew Norris

The Core Value Compass: visually evaluating the goodness of brands that do good
Vignesh Yoganathan, Fraser McLeay, Victoria-Sophie Osburg & David Hart