TOC: Psych Rev


Psychological Review, 125(1)

Overrepresentation of extreme events in decision making reflects rational use of cognitive resources.
Lieder, Falk; Griffiths, Thomas L.; Hsu, Ming

Internal and external sources of variability in perceptual decision-making.
Ratcliff, Roger; Voskuilen, Chelsea; McKoon, Gail

Neural scaling laws for an uncertain world.
Howard, Marc W.; Shankar, Karthik H.

Task conflict and proactive control: A computational theory of the Stroop task.
Kalanthroff, Eyal; Davelaar, Eddy J.; Henik, Avishai; Goldfarb, Liat; Usher, Marius

Action and perception in literacy: A common-code for spelling and reading.
Houghton, George

Subjects adjust criterion on errors in perceptual decision tasks.
Killeen, Peter R.; Taylor, Thomas J.; Treviño, Mario