TOC: J Poli Mar


Journal of Political Marketing, 17(1)

From the Editor-in-Chief
Bruce I. Newman [Publisher]

What Does Credibility Look like? Tweets and Walls in U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Visual Storytelling
Janis Teruggi Page & Margaret E. Duffy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Baby Boom or Bust? the New Media Effect on Political Participation
Terri L. Towner PhD & Caroline Lego Muñoz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Advertising and Media on the Arab Culture: The Case of the Arab Spring, Public Spheres, and Social Media
Morris Kalliny, Salma Ghanem & Mary Kalliny [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Influence of Voter Demographics and Newspaper in Shaping Political Party Choice in India: An Empirical Investigation
Saikat Banerjee & Bibek Ray Chaudhuri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]