TOC: J Global Fash Mar


Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, 9(1)

New marketing in fashion e-commerce
Simone Guercini, Pedro Mir Bernal & Catherine Prentice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Enabling the digital fashion consumer through fit and sizing technology
Sophie Miell, Simeon Gill & Delia Vazquez [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Original or counterfeit luxury fashion brands? The effect of social media on purchase intention
Maria Cristina Morra, Valeria Gelosa, Francesca Ceruti & Alice Mazzucchelli [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nice to be a fashion blogger, hard to be influential: An analysis based on personal characteristics, knowledge criteria, and social factors
Patricia SanMiguel & Teresa Sádaba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The role of e-commerce in the internationalization of Spanish luxury fashion multi-brand retailers
Pedro Mir-Bernal, Simone Guercini & Teresa Sádaba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Problematizing customization and IT in the fashion industry: A case study of an Italian shoemaker
Andrea Perna, Andrea Runfola, Valerio Temperini & Gian Luca Gregori [Publisher] [Google Scholar]