Nigel Piercy


Niegel Piercy passed away late last year. He taught at Newcastle Poly, Cardiff Business School, Cranfield, Warwick, and Swansea

Sad news from the U.K. I just heard that my great friend, collaborator, and mentor Nigel Piercy unexpectedly passed away in his sleep at the end of last year. He had many friends and admirers in the U.S. and his research collaborators and co-authors are spread throughout the world. His wife, Nikala, asked that I pass on the news to them. Nigel was a multi-award winning intellectual giant in the U.K. marketing academy. In a career spanning over 45 years he published more than 15 books and 250 articles on a range of strategic marketing topics covering marketing processes, marketing strategy, international marketing, strategy implementation, and sales management. Those who met him or saw him speak at a conference, generally never forgot him. Wicked smart, quick witted, acidly sarcastic, irascibly droll, and a provocative and engaging speaker—with an English accent he used to great effect when outside the U.K. He held faculty positions at Newcastle Poly, Cardiff Business School, Cranfield, Warwick, and Swansea, and visiting positions at a number of U.S. schools including Berkeley, TCU, and Duke. In addition to his widely-cited body of published work, a big part of his legacy is his work with doctoral students. During his career he supervised more than twenty doctoral students, most of whom are now full professors in schools not only in the U.K. but across the globe. I am one of those fortunate students. We all owe him a great debt, and his “Market-Led Strategic Change” research agenda shaped and lives on in much of our own work. His passion for doing high quality—but above all else—relevant research was infectious: “what research have you done today that is important to important people in important organizations?” was one of his favorite questions for his students. Words to live by. ?