TOC: J Relationship Mar


Journal of Relationship Marketing, 16(4)

Performing Under Pressure: Winning Customers Through Improvisation in Team Selling
Katerina E. Hill, Victoria D. Bush, Douglas Vorhies & Robert Allen King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Really Leads to Partner Relationship Management? A Review of Literature
Anuja Agarwal, Deepali Singh & Arun Kumar Agariya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moderating Price Sensitivity of Low-Uncertainty Daily Eco-Friendly Products: Creating Benevolence Trust and Reducing Uncertainties
Couchen Wu, Yungliang Lin & Tai Ying Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What are the Building Blocks of Customer Brand Loyalty in Department Stores? A Multi-Level Mediation Analysis
S. R. Nikhashemi & Naser Valaei [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Relationship Governance Perspective of Organizational Buyers’ Supplier Choice Decisions
Tao (Tony) Gao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]