TOC: J Supply Chain Man


Journal of Supply Chain Management, 54(1)


Survey Research Design in Supply Chain Management: The Need for Evolution in Our Expectations
Barbara Flynn, Mark Pagell and Brian Fugate [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Special Focus on Methodology: Invited Articles

Achieving Research Design Excellence Through the Pursuit of Perfection: Toward Strong Theoretical Calibration
David J. Ketchen Jr., Christopher W. Craighead and Li Cheng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Small and Medium Enterprise Research in Supply Chain Management: The Case for Single-Respondent Research Designs
Thomas J. Kull, Josip Kotlar and Martin Spring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Setting Standards for Single Respondent Survey Design
Frank Montabon, Patricia J. Daugherty and Haozhe Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building the Case for A Single Key Informant in Supply Chain Management Survey Research
Daniel Krause, Davide Luzzini and Benn Lawson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Jury Rigging and Supply Network Design: Evolutionary “Tinkering” in the Presence of Unknown-Unknowns
Stuart Kauffman, Surya D. Pathak, Pradyot K. Sen and Thomas Y. Choi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Supply Chain Tsunamis: Research on Low-Probability, High-Impact Disruptions
Henk Akkermans and Luk N. Van Wassenhove [Publisher] [Google Scholar]