TOC: J Global Mar


Journal of Global Marketing, 31(1)

New Research on Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Comparisons in Advertising and Consumer Behavior
Ajay K. Manrai Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Global Marketing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural Meaning, Advertising, and National Culture: A Four-Country Study
Barbara Czarnecka, Ross Brennan & Serap Keles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural Differences among Young Adult Consumers in Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea
Young Han Bae, Michelle Hough, Jong Woo Jun & Ilyoung Ju [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Consumers Discriminate Against Foreign Companies Even When They are Green?
Yung-Hwal Park, Kevin Lehnert & Morris Kalliny [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Moderating Role of Country of Origin on Brand Equity, Repeat Purchase Intentions, and Word of Mouth in Trinidad and Tobago
Meena Rambocas & Aniera Xuxa Ramsubhag [Publisher] [Google Scholar]