TOC: J Promo Man


Journal of Promotion Management, 24(1)

Can Divine Intervention Aid in Domestic Violence Prevention? An Analysis of Bystanders’ Advertising Attitudes and Reporting Intentions in India
Sidharth Muralidharan, Carrie La Ferle & Sanjukta Pookulangara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Empirical Analysis of Consumer Purchase Behavior: Interaction Between State Dependence and Sensitivity to Marketing-Mix Variables
Olga Novikova & Dmitriy Potapov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

This Offer Self-Destructs in 3… 2… 1…: Improving the Effectiveness of “That’s-Not-All” Techniques in Promotional Emails
Zijian Gong & Shannon Bichard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Credible Online Reviews on Brand Equity Dimensions and Its Consequence on Consumer Behavior
Uttam Chakraborty & Savita Bhat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Elicitation to Persuasion: Assessing the Structure and Effectiveness of Differential Emotions in Anti-Drunk-Driving Campaigns
Imene Becheur & Amit Das [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Consumers Like Facebook Brands: The Role of Aspirational Brand Personality in Consumer Behavior
Naa Amponsah Dodoo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is the Impact of CSR Similar Across Borders? An Exploratory Study Comparing Young Adults’ Perceptions of CSR Between Puerto Rico and United States
Mari Luz Zapata-Ramos & Yeonsoo Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]