TOC: J Personality Soc Psych


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 114(1)

Olfactory cues from romantic partners and strangers influence women’s responses to stress.
Hofer, Marlise K.; Collins, Hanne K.; Whillans, Ashley V.; Chen, Frances S.

Overconfidence among beginners: Is a little learning a dangerous thing?
Sanchez, Carmen; Dunning, David

The surprising costs of silence: Asymmetric preferences for prosocial lies of commission and omission.
Levine, Emma; Hart, Joanna; Moore, Kendra; Rubin, Emily; Yadav, Kuldeep; Halpern, Scott

Humblebragging: A distinct—and ineffective—self-presentation strategy.
Sezer, Ovul; Gino, Francesca; Norton, Michael I.

Facing humanness: Facial width-to-height ratio predicts ascriptions of humanity.
Deska, Jason C.; Lloyd, E. Paige; Hugenberg, Kurt

“Facing humanness: Facial width-to-height ratio predicts ascriptions of humanity”: Correction to Deska, Lloyd, and Hugenberg (2017).

Decomposing the cross-sex misprediction bias of dating behaviors: Do men overestimate or women underreport their sexual intentions?
Engeler, Isabelle; Raghubir, Priya

The double-edged sword of leader charisma: Understanding the curvilinear relationship between charismatic personality and leader effectiveness.
Vergauwe, Jasmine; Wille, Bart; Hofmans, Joeri; Kaiser, Robert B.; De Fruyt, Filip

Charisma in everyday life: Conceptualization and validation of the General Charisma Inventory.
Tskhay, Konstantin O.; Zhu, Rebecca; Zou, Christopher; Rule, Nicholas O.

The psychological structure of humility.
Weidman, Aaron C.; Cheng, Joey T.; Tracy, Jessica L.

Honesty-humility under threat: Self-uncertainty destroys trust among the nice guys.
Pfattheicher, Stefan; Böhm, Robert