TOC: J Mar Man


Journal of Marketing Management, 33(17/18)

The ‘Polychronicity – Multiple Media Use’ (P-MMU) scale: a multi-dimensional scale to measure polychronicity in the context of multiple media use
Helen R. Robinson & Stavros P. Kalafatis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring the drivers of customer engagement behaviours in social network brand communities: towards a customer-learning model
Chang-Tang Chiang, Chiou-Fong Wei, Kevin R. Parker & Bill Davey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Privacy concerns on social networking sites: a longitudinal study
Louise Kelly, Gayle Kerr & Judy Drennan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The process of de-iconisation of an iconic brand: a genealogical approach
Pierpaolo Testa, Bernard Cova & Luigi Cantone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrating social media within an integrated marketing communication decision-making framework
Michael J. Valos, Vanya Louise Maplestone, Michael Jay Polonsky & Mike Ewing [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


The Kafka quagmire for the poor in India
Russell Belk & Tanuka Ghoshal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What the subsistence marketplaces stream is really about: Beginning with micro-level understanding and being bottom-up
Madhu Viswanathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The roles of the private and public sectors in poverty reduction
Aneel Karnani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Subalterns, empowerment and the failed imagination of markets
Apoorv Khare & Rohit Varman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]