TOC: J Intl Con Mar


Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 29(5)

C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Publisher]

Is Publishing Country-of-Design Information Beneficial for MNCs?
Ebru Genç & Shih-Ching Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Assessment of the Recognition and Use of Online Shopping by Digital Immigrants and Natives in India and China
Mohammed Shafiq Obeidat & W. Daniel Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facing the Shelf: Four Consumer Decision-making Styles
Banwari Mittal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impacts on Online Impulse Purchase through Perceived Cognition
Tser-Yieth Chen, Tsai-Lien Yeh & Wen-Chun Lo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


Intention to Purchase Counterfeit Luxury Products: A Comparative Study Between Pakistani and the UK Consumers
Ammar Hussain, Alexander Kofinas & Sandar Win [Publisher] [Google Scholar]