TOC: J Intl Bus Studies


Journal of International Business Studies, 48(9)


Towards a renaissance in international business research? Big questions, grand challenges, and the future of IB scholarship
Peter J Buckley, Jonathan P Doh & Mirko H Benischke

The effects of market economy type and foreign MNE subsidiaries on the convergence and divergence of HRM
Elaine Farndale, Chris Brewster, Paul Ligthart & Erik Poutsma


From internationalization to evolution: The Uppsala model at 40 years
Jan-Erik Vahlne & Jan Johanson


The ‘Casino Model’ of internationalization: An alternative Uppsala paradigm
Lars Håkanson & Philip Kappen


Internationalization as an evolutionary process
Grazia D Santangelo & Klaus E Meyer


MNE internationalization patterns, the roles of knowledge stocks, and the portfolio of MNE subsidiaries
Thomas Hutzschenreuter & Tanja Matt


Adapting the Uppsala model to a modern world: Macro-context and microfoundations
Nicole Coviello, Liena Kano & Peter W Liesch