TOC: J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 146(12)

On the prospect of knowing: Providing solutions can reduce persistence.
Risko, Evan F.; Huh, Michelle; McLean, David; Ferguson, Amanda M.

Threat of shock and aversive inhibition: Induced anxiety modulates Pavlovian-instrumental interactions.
Mkrtchian, Anahit; Roiser, Jonathan P.; Robinson, Oliver J.

Unconscious conditioning: Demonstration of existence and difference from conscious conditioning.
Greenwald, Anthony G.; De Houwer, Jan

Modulating action duration to establish nonconventional communication.
Vesper, Cordula; Schmitz, Laura; Knoblich, Günther

“Sex differences in the spatial representation of number”: Correction to Bull et al. (2013).
No authorship indicated

Top-down structure influences learning of nonadjacent dependencies in an artificial language.
Wang, Felix Hao; Zevin, Jason D.; Mintz, Toben H.

Hedonic nondurability revisited: A case for two types.
Tennant, Raegan J.; Hsee, Christopher K.

Ockham’s razor cuts to the root: Simplicity in causal explanation.
Pacer, M; Lombrozo, Tania