TOC: J Assoc Con Res


Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2(4)

Embodied Cognition, Sensory Marketing, and the Conceptualization of Consumers’ Judgment and Decision Processes: Introduction to the Issue
Aradhna Krishna, Spike W. S. Lee, Xiuping Li, and Norbert Schwarz

Articulation Patterns in Names: A Hidden Route to Consumer Preference
Sascha Topolinski

What a Delicious Name! Articulatory Movement Effects on Food Perception and Consumption
Patricia Rossi, Felipe Pantoja, Adilson Borges, and Carolina O. C. Werle

The Role of Simulations in Consumer Experiences and Behavior: Insights from the Grounded Cognition Theory of Desire
Esther K. Papies, Maisy Best, Elena Gelibter, and Lawrence W. Barsalou

Mind Over Stomach: A Review of the Cognitive Drivers of Food Satiation
Yann Cornil

Catching (Up with) Magical Contagion: A Review of Contagion Effects in Consumer Contexts
Julie Y. Huang, Joshua M. Ackerman, and George E. Newman

Verticality and Conceptual Metaphors: A Systematic Review
Luca Cian

Meaning Moderates the Persuasive Effect of Physical Actions: Buying, Selling, Touching, Carrying, and Cleaning Thoughts as If They Were Commercial Products
Pablo Briñol, Richard E. Petty, David Santos, and Joana Mello

Sensory Experiences and Consumer Creativity
Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Ravi Mehta