TOC: Bus Horizons


Business Horizons, 61(1)

Code of Publshing Ethics


With great honor comes great responsibility
Dan Li


The third wave: An interview with Steve Case, founder & former CEO of
Donald F. Kuratko


Reconstituting lean in healthcare: From waste elimination toward ‘queue-less’ patient-focused care
Richard J. Schonberger

The hidden problem of Facebook and social media at work: What if employees start searching for other jobs?
Lorenzo Bizzi

Fintech: Ecosystem, business models, investment decisions, and challenges
In Lee, Yong Jae Shin

Revisiting the construction of the Empire State Building: Have we forgotten something?
Mattias Jacobsson, Timothy L. Wilson

An ecosystemic framework for business sustainability
Jiazhe Sun, Shunan Wu, Kaizhong Yang

The benefits and implementation of performance transparency: The why and how of letting your customers ‘see through’ your business
Omar Merlo, Andreas Eisingerich, Seigyoung Auh, Jaka Levstek

Keep it, shave it, cut it: A closer look into consumers’ video viewing behavior
Morana Fuduric, Edward C. Malthouse, Vijay Viswanathan

Innovation sourcing excellence: Three purchasing capabilities for success
Hervé Legenvre, Jury Gualandris

Why are your reward strategies not working? The role of shareholder value, country context, and employee voice
Andreas Kornelakis

Play fair! Innovating internal self-regulation in the market for profit
Derek Stimel, Leslie E. Sekerka

How data analytics is transforming agriculture
Xuan Pham, Martin Stack

Three chronological steps toward encouraging intrapreneurship: Lessons from the Wehkamp case
Jana Deprez, Hannes Leroy, Martin Euwema

Microfinance ecosystem: How connectors, interactors, and institutionalizers co-create value
Kelly Armstrong, Mujtaba Ahsan, Chamu Sundaramurthy

Consumer social voice in the age of social media: Segmentation profiles and relationship marketing strategies
Joanna Phillips Melancon, Vassilis Dalakas