TOC: Mar Mobile World


M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World, Book by Syagnik Banerjee, Ruby Roy Dholakia and Nikhilesh Dholakia

Chapter 1: The Global Mobile Multiplier Effect
Chapter 2: Mobile Strategy
Chapter 3: Mobile in Retailing
Chapter 4: Transforming Marketing with Mobile Data
Chapter 5: Mobile and Policy Issues
Epilogue: Back to the Future
Bibliography Index

For Educators who are teaching classes exclusively on or related to digital marketing, M-Powering Marketing in a Mobile World serves as concise reference material, to demonstrate how mobile devices have disrupted developing economies, driven enterprise, new ecosystems and economic development. It illustrates how mobile device access changes the effectiveness of desktop directed marketing actions, how corporations have applied new tools in retail, extracted data for insights and attribution, and relevant policy issues. The book is available at: with samples for educators who intend to adopt it for their classes.

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