TOC: J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 146(3)

Signposts or Weathervanes? The Curious Case of Corporate Social Responsibility and Conflict Minerals
Ozlem Arikan, Juliane Reinecke, Crawford Spence & Kevin Morrell

Was the Global Settlement Effective in Mitigating Systematic Bias in Affiliated Analyst Recommendations?
Minzhi Wu, Mark Wilson & Yi Wu

Examining the Roles of Collectivism, Attitude Toward Business, and Religious Beliefs on Consumer Ethics in China
Chun-Chen Huang & Long-Chuan Lu

Responsibility Boundaries in Global Value Chains: Supplier Audit Prioritizations and Moral Disengagement Among Swedish Firms
Niklas Egels-Zandén

Ethical Leadership and Loyalty to Supervisor in China: The Roles of Interactional Justice and Collectivistic Orientation
Huaiyong Wang, Guangli Lu & Yongfang Liu

The Relationship Between Social Cynicism Belief, Social Dominance Orientation, and the Perception of Unethical Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Examination in Russia, Portugal, and the United States
Valerie Alexandra, Miguel M. Torres, Olga Kovbasyuk, Theophilus B. A. Addo & Maria Cristina Ferreira

CSR as Strategic and Organizational Change at “Groupe La Poste”
Marc Ingham & Christelle Havard

Labor Conflicts in French Workplaces: Does (the Type of) Family Control Matter?
François Belot & Timothée Waxin

Industrial Clusters and CSR in Developing Countries: The Role of International Donor Funding
Anjum Fayyaz, Peter Lund-Thomsen & Adam Lindgreen

Does Bad Company Corrupt Good Morals? Social Bonding and Academic Cheating among French and Chinese Teens
Elodie Gentina, Thomas Li-Ping Tang & Qinxuan Gu

A Dual-Processing Model of Moral Whistleblowing in Organizations
Logan L. Watts & M. Ronald Buckley

How Logo Colors Influence Shoppers’ Judgments of Retailer Ethicality: The Mediating Role of Perceived Eco-Friendliness
Aparna Sundar & James J. Kellaris

Highlighting Moral Courage in the Business Ethics Course
Debra R. Comer & Michael Schwartz