TOC: J Assoc Con Res


Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2(3)

The Habit-Driven Consumer

JACR: Successes, Challenges, and Prospects
Joel Huber

Introduction to Special Issue: The Habit-Driven Consumer
Aimee Drolet and Wendy Wood

Incentives Activate a Control Mind-Set: Good for Deliberate Behaviors, Bad for Habit Performance
Lucas Carden, Wendy Wood, David T. Neal, and Anthony Pascoe

Commentary: Why It Doesn’t Pay to Ask Consumers about Habitual Behaviors
Nicholas Harrington

Habits and Free Associations: Free Your Mind but Mind Your Habits
Aimee Drolet, Anand V. Bodapati, Patrick Suppes, Benjamin Rossi, and Harrison Hochwarter

Commentary: Incorporating Memory Processes into the Modeling of Habits
Suzanne B. Shu

Paradoxical Effects of Experience: Past Behavior Both Strengthens and Weakens the Intention-Behavior Relationship
Paschal Sheeran, Gaston Godin, Mark Conner, and Marc Germain

Understanding the Role of Experience in Shaping the Intention-Behavior Relationship: A Commentary on Sheeran et al. (2017)
Hengchen Dai

Preference-Construction Habits: The Case of Extremeness Aversion
Itamar Simonson, Aner Sela, and Sanjay Sood

Right Here, Right Now: Situated Interventions to Change Consumer Habits
Maisy Best and Esther K. Papies

Underestimated Habits: Hypothetical Choice Design in Consumer Research
Atar Herziger and Erik Hoelzl

Commentary: Studying Consumer Habits in the Field: Some Suggestions for Conducting Industry-Supported Research
Utpal Dholakia and Leona Tam

Commentary: Underestimated Habits
Keith Chrzan