TOC: J Applied Psych


Journal of Applied Psychology, 102(12)

Disentangling the relationship between gender and work–family conflict: An integration of theoretical perspectives using meta-analytic methods.
Shockley, Kristen M.; Shen, Winny; DeNunzio, Michael M.; Arvan, Maryana L.; Knudsen, Eric A.

Diversity shrinkage: Cross-validating pareto-optimal weights to enhance diversity via hiring practices.
Song, Q. Chelsea; Wee, Serena; Newman, Daniel A.

Rude color glasses: The contaminating effects of witnessed morning rudeness on perceptions and behaviors throughout the workday.
Woolum, Andrew; Foulk, Trevor; Lanaj, Klodiana; Erez, Amir

On the boundary conditions of effort losses and effort gains in action teams.
Hüffmeier, Joachim; Filusch, Michael; Mazei, Jens; Hertel, Guido; Mojzisch, Andreas; Krumm, Stefan

Leadership training design, delivery, and implementation: A meta-analysis.
Lacerenza, Christina N.; Reyes, Denise L.; Marlow, Shannon L.; Joseph, Dana L.; Salas, Eduardo

Assisting upon entry: Helping type and approach as moderators of how role conflict affects newcomer resource drain.
Bamberger, Peter A.; Geller, Dvora; Doveh, Etti