The Ethics of Consumption


Taking an Interdisciplinary View, Special issue of Journal of Business Ethics; Deadline 31 Aug 2018

Journal of Business Ethics, Special Issue: “Taking an Interdisciplinary View of Ethics in Consumption”


Journal of Business Ethics – Special Issue

“Taking an Interdisciplinary View of Ethics in Consumption”

As the negative consequences of unsustainable consumption become increasingly visible and problematic, building connected—interdisciplinary—understandings of sustainability and ethics in consumption becomes even more critical to finding sustainable solutions. This Journal of Business Ethics Special Issue is directed towards addressing this challenge by: (1) drawing on multiple academic disciplines to present, synthesize, and contrast differing perspectives of consumption ethics; (2) rendering a coherent, multi-faceted and complex image of ethical consumers as individuals and consumption ethics within society; and (3) pushing the understanding of this important consumption dimension forward in a way that has wide appeal and practical application.

The Call for Papers can be found at:

Submission due date: August 31st, 2018.

We welcome theoretical and empirical papers based on a wide range of methods and theoretical perspectives, and from a broad disciplinary base (including interdisciplinary papers). Early expressions of interest and enquiries can be directed to the Special Issue editors.

Special Issue Editors:

Michal Carrington (University of Melbourne)
Andreas Chatzidakis (Royal Holloway University of London)
Helen Goworek (University of Leicester)
Terry Newholm (University of Manchester)
Deirdre Shaw (University of Glasgow)