Digital Business Models


Marketing-Strategy-Supply Chain Management Interface, Groningen, NL, 4-6 Apr 2018; Deadline 28 Feb

First DBM Conference, April 4-6, 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands

Presented in collaboration with the Signature Area Digital Business Models, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Call for Papers

Digital Business Models:

Marketing-Strategy-Supply Chain Management Interface

Nature and Scope of the Conference:

In view of the increasing impact of digitization on many businesses, it is imperative to understand how digitalization impacts the development of new business models. As digitalization is more than just a software update and influences multiple departments, the insights from marketing, innovation strategy and supply chain management are necessary to develop sustainable business models. The conference aim is to create knowledge on integration of the Marketing-Strategy-Supply Chain Management interface to optimize business models in digital environments. It will host experts to work in groups on specific themes. The first international conference on Digital Business Models invites conceptual research papers on 6 themes:

Theme 1: Digital Analytics

  • Use of big data and analytics to visualize, analyze, predict and inform both marketing and logistics.
  • Using customer data to inform logistics, and logistic data to inform customers, during upstream, mid-stream, and downstream the value system.

Theme 2: Sourcing and Digital Portfolios

  • Impact of product variety and sourcing on complexity of delivery networks and customer preferences.
  • Management of product portfolios (enabling versus controlled sourcing)? What is optimal size and how should portfolios develop over time? How to manage complex networks of delivery?

Theme 3: Use of smart products/IoT

  • Using smart solutions and product (use) data to allow for low-cost, fast-delivery
  • Smart logistics: autonomous packages
  • Use of dynamic pricing to steer demand

Theme 4: Marketing-logistics interface & delivery in digital environments

  • Nudging customers regarding product delivery, after-sales service, and product returns: delivery options, last-mile (delivery) and first-mile (return), communication to and involvement of customers in delivery and return handling.
  • Product returns/Using customers in delivery and pickup (co-creation

Theme 5: Digital Responsibility & Ethics

  • Digitalization to increase consumer well-being, improve health, care about environment, and protect privacy
  • Development of responsible digital strategies that use customer data fairly, integrate it in service offering, and create added value for customers (customers keep in control).

Theme 6: Business Model Strategy

  • Strategic development of digital (disruptive) business models that create value for customers, allow firms to capture value, and that are sustainable to global and local communities.
  • How to develop customer-value based, digital business models, and update them?

Submission Deadline: 28 February, 2018

Submit 5 page summary. Provide conceptual focus of research on specific theme.

Submit your manuscript via email in MS-Word to:

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