TOC: J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 26(7)

Brand extension feedback effects: What do we know and where should we go?
Michelle Childs

Parent brand quality, service intensity and consumers’ usage consideration of service-to-service brand extensions
Kelley A. O’Reilly, Alhassan G. Mumuni, Stephen J. Newell, and Branden J. Addicott

Detangling consumer attitudes to better explain co-branding success
Han-Chiang Ho, Nora Lado, and Pilar Rivera-Torres

Research on logo design and evaluation of youth education brands based on visual representation
Zhijuan Zhu, Huai Cao, and Bin Li

The impact of price promotions on checkout donations
Lan Xia and Nada Nasr Bechwati

When signal swamps substance: the effects of multi-unit discount’s positive and negative cues on sales
Devon DelVecchio, Timothy B. Heath, and Max Chauvin

The impact of cognitive style, entrepreneurial attitudes and gender on competitive price responses
Hooman Estelami and Mohammad G. Nejad

Does managerial personality influence pricing practices under uncertainty?
Mario Kienzler

Francisco Guzmán and Cleopatra Veloutsou