TOC: Intl Bus Rev


International Business Review, 27(1)

The logic behind foreign market selection: Objective distance dimensions vs. strategic objectives and psychic distance
Giovanna Magnani, Antonella Zucchella, Dinorá Eliete Floriani

Context, market economies and MNEs: The example of financial incentivization
James Walker, Geoff Wood, Chris Brewster, Elena Beleska-Spasova

Foreign ownership and bribery: Agency and institutional perspectives
Jingtao Yi, Da Teng, Shuang Meng

Rigidity in SME export commencement decisions
Alvin Tan, Paul Brewer, Peter Liesch

Much ado about nothing: No fear of becoming a multinational
Amaia Altuzarra, Ricardo Bustillo, Carlos Rodríguez

Exploring the role of internationalization knowledge in fostering strategic renewal: A dynamic capabilities perspective
Monica Riviere, Gabriele Suder, A. Erin Bass

Sovereign wealth fund governance and national culture
Raj Aggarwal, John W. Goodell

Entrepreneurs and internationalization: A study of Western immigrants in an emerging market
Joyce E.H. McHenry, Denice E. Welch

The multi-faceted role of experience dealing with policy risk: The impact of intensity and diversity of experiences
Alfredo Jiménez, Diana Benito-Osorio, Jonas Puck, Patricia Klopf

Firm resources, cultural distance and simultaneous international expansion in the retail sector
Alex Mohr, Georgios Batsakis

Top management team characteristics and firm internationalization: The moderating role of the size of middle managers
Peng-Yu Li

Exploring the relationship between institutional factors and FDI attractiveness: A meta-analytic review
Nicholas Bailey

Post-entry survival of developing economy international new ventures: A dynamic capability perspective
Zaheer Khan, Yong Kyu Lew

How does uncertainty impact opportunity development in internationalization?
Siavash Alimadadi, Anna Bengtson, Amjad Hadjikhani

Selling digital services abroad: How do extrinsic attributes influence foreign consumers’ purchase intentions?
Ferran Vendrell-Herrero, Emanuel Gomes, Simon Collinson, Glenn Parry, Oscar F. Bustinza

How “space” and “place” influence subsidiary host country political embeddedness
Patricia Klopf, Phillip C. Nell

The influence of firm-specific and country-specific advantages in the internationalization of emerging market firms: Evidence from Turkey
Attila Yaprak, Turkan Yosun, Dilek Cetindamar

The role of economic and normative signals in international prosocial crowdfunding: An illustration using market orientation and psychological capital
Vivien E. Jancenelle, Rajshekhar (Raj) G. Javalgi, Erin Cavusgil

The export performance of emerging economy firms: The influence of firm capabilities and institutional environments
Sorin M.S. Krammer, Roger Strange, Addisu Lashitew

Export intensity of foreign subsidiaries of multinational enterprises: The role of trade finance availability
Quyen T.K. Nguyen, Paloma Almodóvar

Betrayal intention in exporter-importer working relationships: Drivers, outcomes, and moderating effects
Leonidas C. Leonidou, Bilge Aykol, Thomas A. Fotiadis, Paul Christodoulides

Addressing the cross-boundary missing link between corporate political activities and firm competencies: The mediating role of institutional capital
Yu Gao, Zhuoer Yang, Kuo-Feng Huang, Shanxing Gao, Wei Yang

Do board directors affect the export propensity and export performance of Korean firms? A resource dependence perspective
Jonghoon Nam, Xiaohui Liu, Eleni Lioliou, Mugoan Jeong

Why do self-initiated expatriates quit their jobs: The role of job embeddedness and shocks in explaining turnover intentions
Taiba Hussain, Stephen Deery

Bring institutions into FDI spillover research: Exploring the impact of ownership restructuring and institutional development in emerging economies
Shufeng (Simon) Xiao, Byung Il Park