ANZMAC Award Winners 2017


Michael Mehmet, Vinh N. Lu, Yuri Seo, Davide C. Orazi and Angeline Gautami Fernando have earned honors

The Australian and New Zealand Academy of Marketing (ANZMAC) is pleased to announce its 2017 award winners:

    Emerging Marketing Educator – Mehmet (Michael) Mehmet, Charles Sturt University

    Distinguished Marketing Educator – Vinh N. Lu, Australian National University

    Emerging Researcher – Yuri Seo, University of Auckland

    Distinguished Researcher – Adrian Pain, University of New South Wales

    ANZMAC Layton Dissertation Award – Davide C. Orazi (PhD Uni. Of Melbourne) “A Structural Reductionist Investigation on the Persuasiveness of Social Marketing Communications Targeting Compulsive Consumptions. Supervisors Liliana Bove and Jing Lei

    ANZMAC Low and Middle Income Early Career Asia/Asia-Pacific Country Scholarship – Angeline Gautami Fernando, VIT University Chennai