Summer AMA 2018


Boston, 10-12 Aug 2018; Deadline 6 Feb

Call for Papers: 2018 AMA Summer Academic Conference

Conference Theme: Big Ideas and New Methods in Marketing

The marketing landscape is rapidly changing. The topics studied by marketing scholars are increasingly diverse and span a large number of content areas. At the same time, new methods are being advanced, many adapted from related disciplines, which allow scholars to illuminate issues that were difficult to investigate with previous methods, or to examine questions from new angles. The conference theme is intended to encourage researchers to share work that takes a step back from more specialized domains to identify and examine bigger themes or ideas, or to employ innovative or cutting-edge methods. Ideally these ideas and methods would bridge and bear relevance to diverse areas of the discipline. Scholars are encouraged not only to identify novel, important questions and methods, but also to connect more specialized research to these broader questions and themes.

We welcome your submission and participation in the 2018 AMA Summer Academic Conference.

Kind regards,

David Gal
Professor of Marketing
Liautaud Graduate School
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL, USA

Kelly Hewett
Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Leadership, Global Supply Chain, Professional MBA, Full-Time MBA
Haslam College of Business
The University of Tennessee Knoxville
Knoxville, TN, USA

Satish Jayachandran
Chair, Department of Marketing
James F. Kane Professor of Business
Darla School of Business
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC, USA

Deadline for submissions: February 6, 2018

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